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The Untitled Comic Book Project- Update

‘A single interconnected universe built from scratch atop the world in which we live with its story told across the span of several titles’ is a great way to start describing the Untitled Comic Book Project being created by us here at Nebbish Media. Another apt description would just be listing the three driving principles behind that universe; ‘Death matters. Continuity matters. Story matters.’ As long time comic book fans, as students of theater, cinema, and literature, and as creative professionals we’ve decided to remove the safety net of reboots and retroactive continuity and the trope of transient mortality and tell a comic book story in which your investment in characters matters, their lives matter, and their deaths matter.

In looking to tell our story, and form our comic book continuity, we looked at what fans, including ourselves, dislike in the current realm of ‘popular comics.’ We aren’t the first group of creators to want death and continuity to matter, and hopefully we aren’t the last, but those ideas appealed to us so much that as we began laying out our characters and story arcs that they became a mantra… our unavoidable truth.

Five teenagers infused with magic… one seemingly unlucky man… a group of business men and women looking out for ‘best interests’… two best friends in over their heads… a group of people whom receive strange packages… and the ‘couriers’ of those packages…

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Death Matters. Continuity Matters. Story Matters.

Nebbish Media is a media distribution and distribution preparation company with a focus on quality content. In this age of streaming content, ebooks, print on demand, and other decentralized, low infrastructure, and low bar for entry delivery methods of media we strive to be a company people can look to for quality content. In addition to our own media distribution endeavors we also offer services to content creators who wish to remain independent to help prepare their works for distribution, including editing services, logo design, social media planning and assistance, and artwork production.

Our niche is providing quality content, whether through Nebbish Media’s distribution channels or in assisting you in your pursuit of independent media distribution. The world can always use more good art!

Please peruse our site and send us any questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you.


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