About Us

Shawn Prashaw

Shawn Prashaw (Amazon Author Page) is the founder of Nebbish Media, a place where people who wish to release the highest quality content can get the services they need. Nebbish Media began by focusing on print-on-demand and e-book publication and has evolved into a full service publishing and marketing company while still offering the core services of publication preparation. With the ultimate goal of lessening the burden of marketing and promotion, editing, branding, and polishing creative works Shawn strives to give creative professionals back time which they can devote to their creative process.

His first novel, ‘The Cessation of Massachusetts’ is available as a trade paperback through Amazon and as a Kindle e-book. In the process of researching how to promote and market this book the idea to create Nebbish Media was born and has grown into the company it is today.


Amy Johnston

Amy Johnston is a Writer and Concept Artist on Nebbish Media’s Untitled Comic Book Project. With a background in both theater technology and robotics Amy brings her talents in both to the table on this project. Her understanding of linear theatrical story telling and the ways in which to best relay that from the stage to the audience are key in helping this project establish both it’s visual styling and it’s voice. Her ability to see a concept in her minds eye and then execute a workable version of it, from stage sets to make-up to the design and building of mechanical systems, allows her to always be seeing the big picture. On a project such as the Untitled Comic Book Project her attention to details and deadlines will be an added asset to her visual and storytelling skills.

To contact, please use info@nebbishmedia.com

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