Third Party and Independent Publication Formatting

Books can be prepared from a raw format (.doc or equivalent) and then formatted for e-publishing through Kindle and Nook or self-publishing through CreateSpace. The turnaround time for formatting will be estimated and sent to you for approval before any payments are made to us.

Preparation includes-

-Text formatting

-Review of layout using digital tools provided by vendors to ensure proper formatting

-Final formatting will always be provided to the author in a raw format (.doc or equivelant) for distribution

Preparation for any one format- $300.00 for up to 250 pages, $450.00 for 251 to 500 pages, $600.00 for 501 to 750 pages, longer works quoted upon request
Preparation for additional formats- $150.00 per additional format up to 250 pages, $225 per format up to 500 pages, $300 per format up to 750 pages, longer works quoted upon request

*note- all illustrations and tables will be charged at $1.00 each in addition to the base formatting cost

*note- for formats other than Kindle, Nook, or CreateSpace please provide the specifications, or a link to the specifications, for our assessment and use

Cover Creation- contact for estimate*

*several levels of cover creation are available, from template based to simple text based covers to custom art based layouts. Several options will be discussed based upon your budget preference.

**Please be aware- these services are offered separately from being published under the Nebbish Media umbrella and does not allow the user use of the Nebbish Media name, logo, or association with Nebbish Media in their endeavors. These services are intended to be used by those writers wishing to remain independent or who need some additional help in formatting and polishing works for submission. Nebbish Media will not be looking at works submitted for these services for possible publication under the Nebbish Media umbrella; it is up to the author to follow the submission process to Nebbish Media to be considered for publication under the Nebbish Media umbrella**

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