Editing Pricing

Basic Copy Editing- $.02 per word

-correcting basic continuity issues (misplaced name, inconsistent spelling, etc.)

-pointing out major continuity issues

-correcting simple punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors

-observations on tense, point of view, and flow

Heavy Copy Editing- $.05 per word

-includes ‘Basic Copy Editing’

-a list of possible solutions to major continuity issues (if possible)

-a list of possible improvements to tense, point of view, and flow

Developmental Editing- contact for estimate*

-a read through and report on the text with major concentrations on continuity, tense, point of view, and flow with an eye towards readability and overall entertainment or level of information

*additional charges may apply on a case by case basis to non-fiction involving research on the part of the editor for understanding. If a high level of research is required the author may be advised to seek writing or ghostwriting services (Nebbish Media offers these services but for non-biographical non-fiction works authors may be advised to seek other contributors. Nebbish Media will help with finding contributors if we can).

Writing/ Ghostwriting- contact for estimate**

**works will be quoted depending upon the time and research needed by the Nebbish Media staffer to complete the project. The discussion process will include defining whether the Nebbish Media staffer will receive a writing credit. Intensive works with no writing credit will be priced to include proper compensation for the Nebbish Media staffer.

Proofreading- $.01 per word

-marking up simple punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors.

**Please be aware- these services are offered separately from being published under the Nebbish Media umbrella and does not allow the user use of the Nebbish Media name, logo, or association with Nebbish Media in their endeavors. These services are intended to be used by those writers wishing to remain independent or who need some additional help in formatting and polishing works for submission. Nebbish Media will not be looking at works submitted for these services for possible publication under the Nebbish Media umbrella; it is up to the author to follow the submission process to Nebbish Media to be considered for publication under the Nebbish Media umbrella**

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