Submissions for publication to Nebbish Media will be evaluated on criteria including the following:

  • Strength of story (including plot, characterization, and potential for improvement and polishing)
  • Completeness of the narrative (is there a complete story here even if it is raw and unfinished?)
  • Appropriateness of content for a general audience by age range (if a work would (or should) require an age check to buy we will likely not publish it)

Nebbish Media is not a ‘vanity press’ and strives to ensure that if a reader does not like one of our works it is not because of the ‘quality’ of the editing, presentation, strength of story, or completeness of the narrative. Someone might not like a particular work, it’s content, voice, or point of view even if it’s presentation and execution are excellent, but Nebbish Media will only present those works that are excellent in their presentation and execution.

Please email us at for instructions on how to submit your works to Nebbish Media for publication or for additional details.