The Cessation of Massachusetts- a novel by Shawn Prashaw


A group of outcasts and a love of music lead to the formation of ‘Anarchist’s Union’, a band that never expected to play more than covers or last more than months. As the years past the teens who formed it, Roy, Michael, Sebastian, Paul, and Kevin grew into men and learned about themselves. They learned that there is more to life than sex, drugs, and rock and roll, but that nothing in life mattered more than friends and the things they shared… experiences, highs and lows, and most of all the music.

cessation cover

Untitled Comic Book Project

Nebbish Media is happy to present their newest project, an Untitled Comic Book Project. Several interconnected books in a single universe with just three rules: Death Matters. Continuity Matters. Story Matters.

Proof of concept collage

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Additional Media

Bring Out Your Dead– A Central New England thrash metal band… if metal is in your blood check them out!