Interested in Architecture?

There is a great place here on the internet to learn a bit about the life of architecture students, and really architecture in general, hosted by a student local to me that I quite enjoy. Life of an Architecture Student is fun and informative. In honesty even if all you are looking to do is recapture your college days or see what you are in for when you get there check this out. Beyond the insights in to architectural specific academic trials and tribulations you’ll find information relevant to the college experience in general.

The posts of completed and in progress projects is also quite an experience. These students will be designing the buildings of tomorrow and it’s great to see what they have in mind as they form their opinions of style, form, and function as they hone their practical skills. It is really an entertaining and informative site for everyone interested in architecture and life of the modern college student.


Shawn Prashaw

Status Update 9/28/12

It’s been awhile and I figure a status update is due.

I’ve been busy volunteering and hitting the ground running on getting the word out there about the upcoming release of ‘The Cessation of Massachusetts’, which is still upcoming and to be announced. Also, I’ve been looking at the structure and future of Nebbish Media and things are exciting! Soon this will go form a place holder to a fully functioning e-pub and small publisher site… please bear with us during this planning and growing phase.

Shawn Prashaw