Boston Book Fest Recap

The Boston Book Fest was amazing, as always. The panels we were able to attend were informative and fantastically produced.

In ‘The Plot Conjurers’ we watched as writers formed a plot from audience suggestions. A story about a Cajun singer who turned to magic in New England to escape her past emerged quickly. I do wish she had stolen the ice cream truck full of drugs, but that’s a story for another character…

We also got to see a panel concentrating on the Dulles brothers and their contribution to our current political environment and our current world policies. Though it was an autobiographical panel it does give a fiction author an idea of what massive scope a persons life can really hold.

Lastly, we saw ‘The Rise and Fall of Nations’. The focus here was on the method that China used to get where they are and the methods they are using to stay where the are politically and economically on the world stage. Again, for the fiction writer this is about scope, and for me personally looking at the way in which our world has formed itself sheds great light on my own future world building.

Beyond the panels we mingled with authors and chatted with people using literature to help the community, which we will keep you updated on as we explore more ways that we to can continue being good members of the community.

Again, a fantastic day, and if you were there drop us a line and let us know how it was for you!