Nebbish Media Kick-Off Press Release



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Nebbish Media is now formally launching!

Nebbish Media is now offering professional editing services to the general public and accepting submissions for publication under our umbrella

Hudson, MA, June 27, 2014– Nebbish Media is now offering it’s full suite of professional editing services to the general public after a successful soft offering.

Shawn Prashaw, founder of Nebbish Media, says ‘After careful testing and trials we are proud to announce the wide kick-off of our editing services. With competitive pricing and a dedication to service above and beyond other editing services we hope to fill a need in the market that we see as lacking; vetting as well as editing to give writers a leg up on becoming up-and-coming authors.’

The editing services we offer are outlined in greater detail on our website Getting written works ready for submission to publishing houses is our first priority with our editing services.

In addition to editing services Nebbish Media is accepting submissions for publication under the Nebbish Media nameplate. Further details for the submission process are available on the website.

The world can always use more good books!

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Shawn Prashaw at 772-232-4440 or by email at

A current project update: STEM Curriculum

As a company we believe in giving back to the community. Even as we continue with our launch and grow we are making efforts to be continue being good members of our community. To that end we have been working on a series of STEM related media offerings for all ages and are pleased to announce that today we have started editing the ‘proof of concept’ preliminary media offerings.

These first versions are of a lower production value than the final offerings will be but are allowing us to test the general concepts and also elicit feedback as to where we need to make changes to make the information as accessible as possible. For anyone interested in learning more about this project or participating in the beta testing of the materials please email us at

We will post some previews as we continue to develop the program.


Boston Book Fest Recap

The Boston Book Fest was amazing, as always. The panels we were able to attend were informative and fantastically produced.

In ‘The Plot Conjurers’ we watched as writers formed a plot from audience suggestions. A story about a Cajun singer who turned to magic in New England to escape her past emerged quickly. I do wish she had stolen the ice cream truck full of drugs, but that’s a story for another character…

We also got to see a panel concentrating on the Dulles brothers and their contribution to our current political environment and our current world policies. Though it was an autobiographical panel it does give a fiction author an idea of what massive scope a persons life can really hold.

Lastly, we saw ‘The Rise and Fall of Nations’. The focus here was on the method that China used to get where they are and the methods they are using to stay where the are politically and economically on the world stage. Again, for the fiction writer this is about scope, and for me personally looking at the way in which our world has formed itself sheds great light on my own future world building.

Beyond the panels we mingled with authors and chatted with people using literature to help the community, which we will keep you updated on as we explore more ways that we to can continue being good members of the community.

Again, a fantastic day, and if you were there drop us a line and let us know how it was for you!


Coming in October Nebbish Media will be totally live and accepting submissions for editing and publication! To kick-off this in an exciting way we will be hosting a short fiction contest with a submission deadline of 11/11 with the winner to be announced at the beginning of 2014! The winner will receive a ‘Basic Copy Editing’ package (to be used on any single piece) and an interview feature on this Nebbish Media site!

More details on the short fiction contest will be available 9/9… stay tuned!