Untitled Comic Book Project

Death Matters. Continuity Matters. Story Matters. Those three statements have informed and formed the newest project from Nebbish Media. With writing and art from Shawn, this project hopes to tackle the issues of reboot fatigue while avoiding some of the tropes commonly associated with comics in general.

After researching trends in comics, reviewing the reviews, and applying a literary filter to the idea that good writing is as important as stunning visuals Shawn and Amy decided on a unique look (proof of concept below) and writing style that addresses the problems they found most often in their research. ‘Death never feels like it matters’, ‘Ohhhh, the Universe is rebooting again… cool?’, and ‘That looks awesome but… ummm… why is this happening?’ were the biggest concerns among critics and fans of the current state of comics. All of that said, Shawn and Amy love comics, love comic movies, and love fantasy and sci-fi as other people present it… but want to present something a little different.

Neil Gaiman says ‘Leave the world more interesting for you being here. Make good art,’ and we at Nebbish Media agree… here’s our latest attempt to fulfill that edict.Proof of concept collage